Post Launch Website Checklist

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Your website is live! Here are some steps that we suggest taking to help maximize the potential of your website.

  • Register for Google Business(Free)

  • Add a link to your various online profiles to your new website. Doing this will create valuable back-links to your new website, and help you to achieve organic rankings / traffic at a faster rate.  

Some profiles you may want to include a link are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, Zillow, or other real estate related websites. 

  • 3. Write Blog Posts - Writing blog posts are a great way to help generate organic visitor traffic to your real estate website. Here are some example topics you can write about:
        a. Local Events
        b. Real Estate Trends
        c. Hot Properties hitting the market
        d. Interior Design
        e. Homeowner Tips and Topics
        f.  Neighbordhood History
        g. Share a recent customer testimonial
        h. Benefits of a Home Inspection 

By following some basic suggestions you can do your part in ensuring your website performs at its maximum potential and generates you organic traffic.

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