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For a CRM system to drive maximum ROI it should seamlessly integrate with all relevant enterprise applications. Our API Documentation will help you do just that. We provide comprehensive documentation for LiveBuyers CRM api including backend RESTful APIs.

Please provide the following to your third party lead providers technical department:
Post URL:

Authentication Method: Bearer Token
To receive a bearer token, please email [email protected] requesting token. 

Request Method: Post
Content Type: Application/json
Fields Available:
first_name - string
last_name - string
email - string(valid email format required)
tel - number
mobile - number
credit_history - string
household_income - string
moving_timeframe - string
funds_available - string
Example Post Body: 
"first_name" : "testName",
"last_name" : "lastName",
"email" : "[email protected]",
"tel" : "+00433445",
"mobile" : "+004495993",
"funds_available" : "test funds",
"moving_timeframe" : "test timeframe",
"credit_history" : "test history",
"household_income" : "test income"
If you have questions, please email [email protected] 

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