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Learn about where we get our listing data.
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Updated 1 year ago real estate search engine is powered by Listhub, the leading MLS syndicate. Listhub aggregates over 500 MLS's nationwide, providing us with one aggregate database, and allowing our real estate websites to be powered by a powerful, comprehensive real estate search engine. Listings are updated in real time, however, due to system process queues, can take 1-24 hours to be updated sometimes. 

I don't see my listings, where are they? 

Listings can be searched by listing ID, but in some cases, albeit rare, we may be missing listing data. We normally only find this with smaller "mom & pop" type brokerages, that aren't aware that they are missing out by not syndicating their listings with Listhub. 

Listhub, is responsible for publishing listing data to hundreds of national real estate websites and search engines. 

For more information about syndicating your listings through Listhubs network, see 

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